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Burry Stander Memorial foundation to be established.

5 Jan

The World, Family, friends and the cycling community mourned the loss of Olympian Burry Stander after he was killed in an accident while training in Shelly Beach, on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast on Thursday 3 January 2013.

burry1 R,I,P. Burry Stander.

No parent should have to see his son lying on a paved road after an accident, knowing that there is absolutely nothing I can do to save his life, “said Charles Stander, Burry Stander’s father.” It is definitely the worst time of my life. Words can not even begin to describe how it feels when it happens. It was terrible.

Burry Stander

Burry Stander was on a training trip in Shelly Beach on the KwaZulu-Natal coast of South Jan. 3, when he was hit by a taxi. Apparently, the driver did not see when he made a turn. Burry Stander died at the scene.

A docket for culpable homicide was opened.

According to Charles Stander, he and his family remembers his child not only for his success as a mountain biker. “For us Burry always be more than a mountain bike champion. Indeed, he was a champion in and out of his bike. To him, his family always came first. He never hesitated to help whenever and wherever, he could. ”
When asked what he considered to be the highlights of the cycling race of his son, Charles Stander said it was almost impossible to make a selection. “Where do I begin? There were some special moments. Burry Stander really made ​​us all very proud.”
Charles Stander asked cyclists who plan to participate in walks in memory of her son, not to let your emotions get the better of them. “This is the last thing Burry would have wanted.


Remembering Burry Stander.

A Burry Stander Foundation was created to finance and promote the process of changing legislation on bicycle safety, as well as attending various projects to promote safe cycling.

Watch this  Tribute to Burry Stander Video.


Our Prayer are with Barry Standers Family and Friends.


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